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MXB and UPenn (Ivy and IL #3 nationally ranked) Commit, Sawyer Moody vs. Deerfield Academy

Division I College Prep Recruiting Form

Mission  Statement

Our goal here at the MXB College Prep Lacrosse team is to help our student-athletes realize their capabilities and to reach their full potential on the field as lacrosse players, but more importantly, off the field as students and young men.  We will assist our student-athletes through the college admission and recruiting process and help develop them into mature, young adults.
What is MXB College Prep Lacrosse?
A post-high school academic and athletic lacrosse program running from September through December with the goal of developing, promoting, and preparing student-athletes for college and competing in the NCAA. For student-athletes serious about being recruited to top academic colleges to play lacrosse as well as prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for the college level of play.  MXB also offers a summer training camp and league play in the USPLL in the month of July.
If your goal is one of the following, then this is the program for you:

  • Obtain admission to the best possible academic school.
  • Be seen by college coaches at elite tournaments.
  • Play college lacrosse with the possibility of earning a scholarship.
  • Have an extra year to increase test scores, earn college course credit, mature, have a unique and life changing experience and become a better and more marketable student-athlete.
  • Improve your personal resume for college admissions offices and college lacrosse recruiters.
  • Improve your academic and financial opportunities at the collegiate level (average return on investment (ROI) is 400%)

Coach – Greg Piatelli

Berkshire Prep, Syracuse ’13 “College Prep Lacrosse gives our student-athletes the time and opportunity to grow, mature, and prepare for the next level of lacrosse and the next stage in their lives. Our staff is dedicated to making our players better athletes, students, and human beings over the course of the season.”

Coach – Alex Moody

Governors Academy, USHL & Colby College ’94 “The extra year I played in Junior Hockey changed my life and has made an impact on everything I have accomplished since making that critical decision to take an extra year. Lacrosse student-athletes deserve that same opportunity, and our College Prep Lacrosse program will give them the critical gap year they need.”

*This website is in a constant state of change.  Final terms and conditions are agreed upon in a signed contract/commitment form.

Division I College Prep Recruiting Form